Home Organizing and Relocation Services

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Home organizing & Relocation Services

Our company provides relocation services to companies transferring employees, their families or entire businesses to Israel.
Our friendly staff have had experience of living and working overseas and understand the anxiety and challenges in relocating to a new country.
We can seamlessly guide you through your entire relocation process, supporting you at every step, to ensure your move is a stress free experience.
We provide a wide range of services while relocating and will work closely with you to design a tailored made program to suit your requirements and budget. Our local knowledge and expertise will ensure a smooth transition into Israeli life.

Home organizing – Finding a home

We can help you to buy or rent a property.
Organize decoration of renovation services
Provide you with a list of furniture suppliers

Organizing home – While Helping you to settle in Israel

Collect keys for your new home from agentsHome organizing, Styling & Relocation Services
Unpack boxes and organize furniture prior to arrival
Setting up utilities, telephone and television services
Attend property to oversee installation of telephone or to accept any deliveries
Shop for provisions such as: groceries, or other needed articles at your arrival
Area orientation; guided tour of local area, accompany on shopping trip or to local facilities
Assist with registrations at local bank or health center

School and educational facilities search

Provide support in locating appropriate schools
Accompanied school visits if translation is required.

Cross-cultural training and orientation

Provide guidance on social culture, giving an in-depth understanding of all aspects of daily living in Israel.
Complete local information and helpline advice.
To discuss our services please call Chen on 972-52-6536602
or write to: [email protected]

Home Organizing

Would it be nice to be able to find everything you are looking for when you need it?
Would it be nice to have a place for everything?

Organization is something that we all strive for in order to keep our lives manageable.

Whether it is organizing your time, home, office, home office or for a special evening or a party, we all know that it will go smoothly if it is organized and we are prepared.
We all have moved at some time in our lives. Every time that we do, we promise that next time we are going to be more organized.
Somehow, even our best made plans don't work the way that we want them to.
However, with our help as a Professional Organizers as a Team. you will enjoy your new home and a sense of calmness, a celebration of a one day, your Big Moving Day!
If you stay at your original home and you need to reorganize it, you may find out through us  that home organizing can be fun.

It is simple to organize your life by organizing your belongings.

Let us as Professional Organizers give you all the methods and show what really works.
It is easy to do, takes very little time and helps to save money.
It really makes a difference.

Let us help in organizing your home & business,

Let us take part in opening your door way to organize your life.
With our assistence, you will enjoy harmony and a sense of calmness.

It is simple  972-52-6536602  just call

Organizing your home means organizing your life

Organizing your house – Home organizing, gives the chance not only to find our belongings but also to find ourselves

Home organizing – now is the time to do it

(article, translated from Hebrew)

When we live in a house and suddenly feel that we can't find ourselves and/or what we have to do at a particular moment, when suddenly without realizing how it happened we find ourselves in the midst of a mess, then there is room to take a look at ourselves and wonder, how did it happen? What can we do now?
Maybe we let someone or something (or both) to take over our home and take over us?
Maybe we were too busy, we ran the race of life and lost control of ourselves?
Maybe we simply didn't get organized like we should?
Maybe we bought things because we thought we'd need them, and we kept them but don't need them anymore?
Maybe we got things that weren't really what we wanted or needed but we didn't want to get rid of them?
In fact, when we realize that we've gotten lost and now we want to stop, then it's the right time to organize our home and organize our head.

Organizing home – What do we want? 

When we ask ourselves what is really happening to us, what do we want from our selves and from our lives?
When we are ready to admit (first of all to ourselves) that we're tired of the general mess, then it's the right time to open the closets. To go through each shelf, drawer, and box and to take another look at what's there that's really important to us – this is the way.
Not to go crazy, not everything at once. Each time one shelf, one drawer, or one box.
This is the chance to clarify for ourselves: how do we really want our life to look? What do we really like and want to keep?
Who do we want to keep with usin our life? And from what things are we ready to part and perhaps pass to someone else who could make use of them?
Organizing our home or moving to a different place creates the opportunity to live here and now in the present. Through our things we can create a dialogue with ourselves and with our thoughts, from the external to the internal and from the internal to the external.
Here and now is the first step, in which we take a look at our reality as it is. It's a necessary step, a step of a sort of self-scrutiny. At these moments we clarify for ourselves what we do need and what we don't need, what we do like or not, what we do want or not, and so on.

Home organizing – Why the closets in particular?

The shelves, the drawers, and the boxes are similar to each and every cell in our body, in our mind and in our soul.
The place where we live is our physical house. In the physical arena our home is outside of our body. But at the spiritual level our external home lets us look into ourselves and see an image of our being.
Our external home provides us a way to peer into how we are doing and managing our lives. Our external home reflects our internal home and ourselves.
Not for nothing is the expression "a pleasant wife, a pleasant home, and pleasant furniture make a man content".
Self-love begins with home, furnishings, and clothes.
It's appropriate that everything in a home be complete and in good repair, clean, and of the right size and quantity.
A messy and jumbled house, that has a lot of unneeded and broken objects, projects on the body and soul.
In their home everyone has a place to realize their dreams.
An exceptional opportunity
Every time I enter a house that the owner has invited me to help organize, I am excited and I acknowledge my great privilege at being able to engage in this Holy of activity.
I admire people for the courage they show in encountering everything in their closets with me there, and I am happy for the opportunity to be involved in this precious work.
Organizing an existing home or moving to a new home, are for me an opportunity to provide new tools for change to people who are looking for them. As such, organizing an existing home or moving to a new home are a chance to utilize the skills and experience I have gained during the years that I have worked in this and related fields (from scenery design, painting, photography, professional make-up, and adult/children/special education through workshop facilitation, organization, and holistic treatment) and allow others to enjoy together with me the act of organizing in preparation for the new and different, and to meet people in a very personal and human way.

Home organizing – What is the practical result?

Frequently a change in the external allows a person to decide to remain in the renewed physical place, despite the fact that sometimes the initial thinking was that there is a need for a physical move (change homes), such that after the work is completed the initial feeling vanishes.
Sometimes simple techniques that are adapted specifically to the personal needs of the residents can result quickly and with pleasure in an organized, comfortable, proper, and pleasant living space. Sometimes the outcome is in storage solutions, esthetic arrangements, and re-arrangement of internal spaces.
For those who in any case feel the need to move to a new home that addresses new and changing needs, the process means organizing the new house without dragging along all manner of things that are no longer really needed.
For people who are selling a home, it is much easier to sell a home that is well-organized and the price is better.
And what is the immediate value?
A person who does the work diligently from the inside out or the outside in, has his or her thinking and path clarified, enjoys better and easier functioning, and attracts other people who want to understand the magic …
The source of the magic is in simplicity.
Don't we all aspire to this result?
Isn't here-and-now the right time to undertake this?
Congratulations to everyone who is ready to march together and to all those
who are ready to understand the magic of home-organizing and home-moving
as an opportunity and a method to infuse a new spirit of life into our home.


With our help, you will enjoy harmony and a sense of calm
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